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We help brands grow.
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Shaking up paid ads.

We work with the latest tech to outperform traditional agencies and drive sustained growth - putting the ahhh back into ahhh-dvertising (sorry).

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An extension of your team.

We’re happy to become part of the furniture - the growth marketing colleagues you never had & keen to get stuck into office culture.

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Marketing across today’s leading platforms.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook’s a tricky b*stard/one to master, but we know how to tame the beast and get eyes on your brand.

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Instagram Ads

Insta has a potential reach of 928.5 million. Time to get your brand firmly into their feed with our scroll-stopping insta ads.

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Google Ads

This kind of thing isn’t something you can just Google how to do. Leave it to the experts and reap the results.

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Amazon Ads

With an average of 2 billion monthly visits, it’s time you started viewing Amazon as more than an online marketplace. We’ll help.

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Citrus Ads

When you’re up against global FMCG brands (or you are one), CitrusAd is the secret to ranking 1st on online grocery stores.

Klaviyo Email Marketing
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Email Marketing

Don’t leave money on the table by not having a rock solid email marketing strategy.
BTW we’re Master Partners with Klaviyo.

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We scale brands using paid media.

Granted that’s not the sexiest header, but it’s what we do. No frills, fluff, or bullsh*t, just a team on hand to get your brand seen.

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Paid Media Strategy
Paid Media Advertising
Creative Strategy
Data Tracking & Reporting
Conversion rate optimisation
Email Marketing
Paid Media Strategy
Paid Media Advertising
Creative Strategy
Data Tracking & Reporting
Conversion rate optimisation
Email Marketing
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Here to give you a hand.

Part-time digi-nerds, full-time cheerleaders. We want your brand to be a success as much as you do and here’s how we’ll get there:


Think of us as a digital doctor. We use your brand and data to diagnose what is and isn’t working and come up with new opportunities to maximise growth.

Digital Foundations

You can’t build a house on sloppy foundations; the same goes for a business. We review your integrations, data tracking and analytics to make sure they’re set to handle the onslaught of data we’ll be sending your way.


We like to have deep chats about your business objectives and aspirations. It sounds a bit fluffy, but we don’t believe in cookie-cutter strategies. We need to make sure what we cook up, meets your business’ goals.

Test & Iterate

Once your strategy is launched, we like to get our hands dirty in the data. We continuously identify your top performing variables and opitimise them for performance.


When you get the first whiff of success and clean up on your KPIs, it’s important not to take your foot off the accelerator. We’ll work with you to increase you ad spend and supercharge your growth so you can keep that winning feeling.

Bullsh*t’s for fields, not phone calls.

If you’re curious about what NOVA+ could do with your growth marketing, then why not get in touch for a no-strings attached chat.

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